Regardless of the diagnosis of brain functions, there are various other factors that affect the well-being of the children and also influence their day-to-day lifestyle. According to the renowned child psychiatrist Dr Mani Pavuluri, the risk and resilience are due to various root factors that can make or break a well-being of a kid. Just imagine that your kid is in the middle of the circle and surrounded by the peers, parents, siblings, teachers, neighbors and extended family members. It is seen that a kid does not exist in isolation. It is normally a back and forth reaction that sets emotions, behaviour and thinking into motion in a kid and the surrounding environment.

So, if your child is facing problems and if he or she is getting mentally affected, the things should be changed and the toxic influence should need to stop. The key role of the child psychiatrist is to facilitate a thriving environment for the kid and also make him or she utilise the same at best level. The finest and the most under-utilized resource are the parents. As per Dr Mani Pavuluri, parents help to build up strength and motivation in the kid. They also play an important role in eliminating the bad environment and make a space for the kid where he or she can enjoy. Dr Mani Pavuluri says that psychiatrists can also collaborate with the parents to bring out the best in the child.

As a Parent, you can help your kid through focusing on their positives, reward the child’s brave behaviors, encourage them on good sleep and hygiene, help them to solve the problems alone and also provide mental relaxation. Parents often play the role of a friend and try to solve the issues by listening to their problems.



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